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Managed Pollination Services

Managed Pollination Services

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We proudly offers managed pollination services.

Have a problem with your fruit yield? Do you have a nursery and need to ensure proper cross-pollination? We're here to help!

As part of a negotiated pollination contract, we will:

  1. Provide a required number of healthy, full size honey bee colonies
  2. Manage the bees, making the process hands-off for you

Hive placement and necessary resources, for example a water source, will be part of the discussion.

Listed price is per hive per year, unless otherwise stated in the negotiated contract. Required travel range may also be a factor in total cost.

Placement typically begins late winter but may be placed later at a pro-rated discount.

If hive space placement is limited and/or you want stronger yields, we recommend double brood chamber hives.

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