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Custom Hive Identifying Plaques

Custom Hive Identifying Plaques

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Do you have a swarm trap or bait hive you want to place in public but you're worried it could end up on the ground without your knowledge? Do you have many hives that look the same but aren't easily identifiable?

We offers custom designed, 3D printed QR code plaques to easily identify your hive. The QR code can contain plain text, a URL, even a short SMS message to a phone number of your choice.

All QR code plaques are printed in high quality, recyclable PETG plastic and will last for years in all outdoor weather conditions.

Additional custom options include the following:

  • Two tone color scheme: orange base, black lettering (substitute colors available upon request)

  • Plain text: with or without below the QR code

  • Size: 150mm (about 6") width minimum recommended for 4' phone camera scanning distance

  • Mounting holes: mount to your hive with security; reduces max width to 145mm

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